Sample order

Sample Order Inquiry

We accept order as sample, We commitment to help you for approval small quantities to get our products especial for jewelry, handbags, accessories, sarongs, hats, sandals. Our sample order term will charge you about 2 pieces / Pairs in each design with minimum amount $200.00 ( best ratio for shipping charge ).

If you want small order quantity and need fast receive order ? Here is category will Help you make it happend

Sample Order is the way to get your order very fast, all the items almost ready in our stock, we will informing you after purchase about statue your order if in stock.  Don,t waste your time waiting productions process, Choose your best and get it Fast now

If you need some help about choose some sample , don,t hesitate to consult with us. Don,t worry we will help you and guide you to get great sample products in new design , easy selling and Popular Design

How to Get Sample Order ?

It,s very easy to get them , here is some the way to get it,

1. Write the Code ID , Quantity , Color ( if any ) ( some information requirment ) and send them to our email ( [email protected] ) or you can download form Order

    Download Order Form Here >>>

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2. You can also click on Wish List  in each products picture if you need and then just informing to us your wish List or send your wish list to US


Thanks you very much for your best appreciated about our new program Sample Order